Fear Dethroned

It is outside of my norm to share in my blog a chapter from someone else’s book, but I was encouraged by this.  And I hope you find encouragement as well.

Heather Sample suspected trouble the moment she saw the cut on her father’s hand. The two sat down for a quick lunch between surgical procedures.  Heather spotted the wound and asked him about it.  When Kyle explained that the injury had happened during an operation, a wave of nausea swept over her.

Both were doctors.  Both knew the risk.  Both understood the danger of treating AIDS patients in Zimbabwe.  And now their fears were realized.

Kyle Sheets was a twelve-year veteran of medical mission trips.  I knew Kyle when I was a college student.  He married a delightful girl named Bernita and settled down in a small Texas town to raise a family and treat the needy.  Turns out, they raised a family that treats the needy.  Ten children in all.  Each involved in works of compassion.  As founder and chairman of Physicians Aiding Physicians Abroad, Kyle spent several weeks a year working in mission hospitals in developing countries.  This trip to Zimbabwe was not his first.

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