Confessions from the Fast Lane

The last few years, especially, have been some of the roughest years in my life. Many, many days spent extremely perplexed and distraught because I had no idea what to do or what was going on. A child who looks totally out-of-control in behavior and appearance. Restless, constantly in motion, disobedient, inappropriate, meltdowns sometimes all day long.

We were told our discipline needed to be firmer and more consistent. But why were our other two boys responding appropriately? We were told it’s middle-child syndrome (is there such a thing?), but he struggled since birth. I prayed and prayed for wisdom. Finally, through a seemingly endless maze of paths, people and phone calls (otherwise known as God’s guidance) we had an appointment with a psychologist. Continue reading “Confessions from the Fast Lane”

Is God Black and White?

We want life to be in black and white. If I do this, I get this result. When I have this problem, I can fix it with this. And if I do this it will work the same every time.

But there are complexities and uncertainties in life. There are situations when there is no easy or clear-cut answer. Most of life is gray, in fact.

Google dictionary defines gray area as “an ill-defined situation or field not readily conforming to a category or to an existing set of rules.” The gray defies the odds, confuses our concrete brains, smudges the lines of black and white, chases us from certainty into uncertainty and order into chaos.

If life is not always black and white, is God? Continue reading “Is God Black and White?”