About The Author


I am manager of the Foose household – I stay home with two of my three boys!!  It is full of surprises, challenges, joys and frustrations.  Most days are tough, but usually rewarding.  I have been married since December of 2009.  My husband is a loving, thoughtful, supportive man…and a wonderful father to our boys!!  I am so very blessed to have him by my side!!

When I am not scrubbing sticky floors, playing referee, washing the dirt out of 3 little blondies or washing the same load of laundry three times because I forgot to put it in the dryer, I enjoy photography, writing, reading, scrapbooking, the great outdoors and music.  I am hoping as my boys enter into a more independent stage I can devote a little more time to some of these other enjoyments as well.

I am a believer – I have accepted the gift of salvation that God has offered through His Son, Jesus Christ.  I proudly claim this “title”.  I enjoy waking really early to spend time with God.  If I do not get this, I am not as prepared for the day that lies ahead. You will find a lot of my posts are centered around my faith; even tidbits of daily life will usually come from a godly perspective.

I am not perfect; I do not claim to be; I am far from it!  The things I share in this blog are what God is teaching me.

I hope you find encouragement, hope, truth, and maybe even some humor along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!