Mother’s Day for me


Yesterday was Mother’s Day.

It was like every other day, full of daily routine…whining, dishes, fighting, changing diapers, disobeying, laundry, missed naps, broken down cars. Oh wait, no, the broken down car is new.

It was not the day I expected. It was not entirely special. In fact, the car situation was very un-special.

I can look back at the day with 2 perspectives.

First perspective

This perspective is the easiest and comes most naturally. It is from the very depths of my selfish heart.

The day was to be about me – honoring me, as a mother. Nothing about the day was about me. It did not feel special. I still changed the soiled diapers, I still wiped my child’s hind end, I still did the dishes, I still dealt with the endless and annoying whining from two out of three of my children, I did not sleep in, I still did laundry, I still cleaned up after the family, I still did laundry…and the car. Yes, the broken down car. How is any of that about me?

But as I moped about the day, I felt like I was slapped in the face! How easily we can be so forgetful of what we’re given! How ungrateful of me!

And so I chose to change my perspective and turn my day into a rejoice in the Lord always

Second perspective

This takes a bit more work. It goes against our natural tendency. I can be disappointed that my day didn’t feel special like I expected or I can be grateful that it was a day like every other.

A day like every other means that we are all still alive and thriving! God has given me another day of normals!

It means that I still have my husband to be irritated with. I have kids that are healthy enough to warrant the changing of diapers and wiping of hind ends. Having dishes to wash means we have food to eat. Even the whining and crying from the kids means they are still breathing and able to vocalize. Piles of laundry (I rarely have piles!) means God has provided clothing for us. Fighting means I have another opportunity to teach the boys. A broken down car; yes, I can still be thankful for that too! A broken down car means God is using this in my life to teach me more about Him, to allow me to grow and to show me that He will provide. (Actually, because our garage is so close to the house we got to walk home.  Take a walk – check.)

And though there was nothing spectacular…there were cards. Important cards that spelled out in specific words, how much I meant to each of my family members. And there were flowers. Handmade flowers and a handmade candle. Each made from the preciousness of the heart. My second perspective has to remember these simple but special gestures.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day of honoring mothers. But sometimes it’s okay to be reminded that we are still alive and able to take care of our household. I may not have been able to take a nap or get out of doing the dishes, but it does not mean I was not honored.

I am honored to be a mother!

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