Eye of the Storm

As my boys and I were playing outside on Monday afternoon an Extreme Alert sounded on my phone. A tornado warning was announced. The darkening skies were confirming an approaching storm. We gathered the bikes and toys, securing a few things along the way, and made our way to the house.

We were incredibly wowed by the skies. In the blink of an eye, it looked as if evening had fallen. I began questioning aloud the safest place to go if a tornado should come. (We have not a basement nor a bathtub.)

My five-year-old said to me, “It makes me think of the song Eye of the Storm,” and he began singing the words:

In the eye of the storm, You remain in control
And in the middle of the war, You guard my soul
You alone are the anchor, when my sails are torn
Your love surrounds me in the eye of the storm

It was incredibly warming to hear my son turn his thoughts to God, but it was apparent they were still fearful of the impending storm. I gathered them together. “We’re going to pray,” I told them. After I finished, I asked if any of them wanted to pray. They all did.

My five-year-old softly asked God to keep us safe. “God, please make storm go ‘way…” prayed my four-year-old. And my two-year-old… “God, please make storm go ‘round…get out…over there, Lord. I love you, God. ‘Men.” Their prayers were so sweet and so honest.

It’s important when storms approach – tornado or personal tribulation – that God is our first thought. He’s our first line of defense. Though storms may rage and sometimes our very safety is threatened, God never leaves us. He never loses control, even if the outlook is grim. He is there walking with us, listening to our cries, guiding our steps, protecting our souls, and working out His perfect plan.

We need to teach our children the importance of prayers.

Friends do not stay close, when there is no line of contact. If we’re not talking to God, we have no idea how He’s working and more importantly we have no personal connection to Him. Because God is the Friend who stands above the rest our friendship with Him is of greatest importance. And prayer is crucial to maintaining that relationship with Him.

I had a conversation later with my boys.

“What did you guys pray for?”
Simultaneously they all gave the same answer.
“And what did God do?”
“Made the storm go ‘round us,” my four-year-old answered.

Though I kept it simple for my boys, they need to see that God is active and in control and that He does care about our most dire needs down to even our littlest.

He is in the eye of every raging storm.

*Prayer isn’t simply about hurling, with urgent expectancy, a cluster of requests at God’s feet. Prayer is our conversation with Him. It’s our worship and we need do it with thanksgiving, humility and submission. And His answer is not necessarily what we want or expect, but it’s always according to His perfect plan.

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