A Girl Dreams

A girl begins to dream and plan her wedding from very young. She wears a long skirt and drapes a lacey curtain over her face, imagining a wedding gown and veil.

The flowers are everywhere. The sparkling white lights. Walking down the aisle in a gorgeous gown as everyone gazes upon her beauty. Standing beside her soulmate, her best friend, her Prince Charming. How magical and beautiful her big day will be.

And then there is reality.

No big wedding—only four guests. No church. No dreamed-of ambiance. And later she finds out her Prince Charming isn’t always charming.

No, my story did not fall out of a fairytale book. But mine is reality. And there is none like it.

I don’t have beautiful posed pictures from a fairytale wedding. I don’t have memories of my dad walking me down the aisle—and I never will since these days he walks with Jesus.

I spent many years regretting all the wonderful frills and magic of the day. But there is still love. There is still the day when my husband took my hand and led me off into our life together. There is still the day I made a promise to him. There is still the day I chose to love him for the rest of my life.

I can regret, or I can be grateful—though the day didn’t happen as I had dreamed of—I still have my Prince Charming. I have a wonderful man to walk beside me. A man to care for me and protect me. A husband who is striving to make our marriage work. And three amazing boys—whom God blessed us—to represent our matrimony.

So, for now I will continue to slip into my beautiful gown that was planned for that day almost eight-and-a-half years ago and remember…there was always love. And I will be thankful for what I do have.


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