The Day After

I normally don’t have a car through the day. But due to an unfortunate break down we had to borrow a family member’s vehicle. We haven’t taken it back yet so that allows me to have some FREEDOM!

I packed up the boys and headed out for the day – the whole day! I didn’t care where, we were just GONE!

It was a glorious day. Not without hiccups and potential bodily harm. It’s mostly Elias because he’s my – for lack of a better term – naughty acrobat. He fell out of a shopping cart onto his head in Walmart, not without taking the whole rack of toys down with him, fell off of a wooden bench in the Mall injuring my shoulder and got his finger pinched in a door trying to escape a Restaurant.

Cue end of our day out.

The day after

My boys are close in age: three, two and seven and a half months old. You can be rest assured every single day is a hectic and somewhat tough day. Today though…ten times harder!

The minute my threenager (heard this “term” recently…love it!) woke up he was upset with me. Boy, how could I mess up so soon after he opened his eyes for the day?? Something about having a car. Something about me not saying what I always say. I didn’t understand him, not because he isn’t able to speak clearly, but it was so jumbled by emotions.

At the breakfast table, what continues, but his untamed attitude. I sent him back upstairs to do an attitude adjustment. He came back down with a clear head.

Middle child, aka “naughty acrobat”, continued his naughtiness but turned it up to a new level. He decided to pull out all the decorative beads in my wedding bouquet that I have displayed on the piano. Every thing he knows he is not supposed to get into he managed to “find” in 3 hours. Whining. Screaming. Yelling. “No,” “no” and “no”….to everything.

I caught myself yelling, not loud enough for the neighbors to hear, but loud enough that it past the stern and confident level. I stopped abruptly and said, “I’m not going to raise my voice anymore. I am going to say it like this…” using my current tone as the example, “and if you don’t listen the first time then there will be consequences.”

Unfortunately I failed. I failed a little more than a time or two.

It continues

Little one decides that he’s not taking his usual three hour nap but instead to be awake after less than an hour. And refuses to go back to sleep despite all interventions.

Laundry. Oh yeah! I pull the laundry out and start throwing it in the dryer. What are these chunks of white disgusting goo?? Took me a little bit to figure it out. Yes, I washed a pull-up. It was all throughout the washer. And the dryer because I threw pieces in before I realized.

Meanwhile, middle one decides to nap less than an hour and to scream a warning that he pooped his pants. (He is potty-trained.)

Piece by piece I walk the laundry outside to shake off the white goo. Walk each piece back in and lay it on the floor. After each piece is out of the washer I wipe it down and run a load empty.

Middle child maintains a whiny attitude so he gets warned and then sent back up to bed to finish his nap. He does end up sleeping another hour or so.

I start to put clothes back in the now clean washer and realize I never pulled the goo’d up clothes from the dryer. So piece by piece again, I march the other half of the laundry outside. I bring them back in and wipe out the dryer.

The two older boys need lunch. Nothing is what they want. And yet what I give them isn’t enough. Little one wants to nurse and sleep. Of course I can’t withhold a nap of some sort since he only slept a tidbit of a nap earlier.

I can’t even recall all the reasons the two older ones were told to sit in their chairs, but it has gone on all day. Even in his chair with the seatbelt on, middle one managed to possess the play tunnel that goes with their big fabric tent. What do I see out of the corner of my eye but him ripping it in half; a big gash right in the middle. Oh yes! This momma is not very happy. It was a gift and they love it.

Oh shoot! Meat. Supper. (Yes, my memory consists of one word thoughts.) I forgot to pull meat out of the freezer for supper. No wonder we always end up with frozen fried foods! I decide to switch meals around to compensate to my lack of memory due to lack of time to think.

The two older boys are sitting quietly so I steal a moment to start thoughts on a blog. But I’m interrupted from my thoughts as I remember the little one is upstairs napping. He can’t nap too long or it’ll mess up bedtime.

I look around the house. What did I even accomplish?? I guess this is the day when my husband comes home and asks, without the use of words, what did you do all day?

What are the boys doing now? Asking for a snack. Asking me to play with them. Asking for their father to come home….actually so am I – I’m begging!!

…and we’re just entering into the “witching hour”! *sigh*

A lesson in everything

There is a lesson to be learned in everything. After all, that’s why God allows even the smallest of things in our lives. Do we always see it? Can we always see it?

The lesson is that there will be days like this. But one day I will look back and wish I still had young children. I will only have the memories in my head and a few (ha!) pictures to remember these times.

Lighten up. And be glad in it; for this season, too, will end soon.

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