Monday, Monday.


I don’t normally do daily play-by-plays, but this one was just not typical.

Enter Monday morning.  Elias had therapy at 8:30am so I decided to be spontaneous and take advantage of the opportunity that all three boys were dressed and ready to go somewhere early in the morning.

Where should we go?

I wanted something the boys would enjoy and also that would be free.  Yeah, maybe that’s asking too much.

I decided to drive an hour to Gettysburg to the Boyd’s Bear Factory – that closed eight years ago. Yes, it might have helped a great deal if supertastic Google would have made me aware of it prior to my two-hour-round-trip drive!

GPS told me I had arrived at my destination, but as I looked around at the trees and fields, I was guessing it got the memo of the Factory’s closing before Google did!  And if that wasn’t enough to make me question it, the rope across the entrance confirmed.

Since there were no bears to behold we decided to stop to get a quick bite to eat and, of course, use the restroom.  The boys’ choice? Burger King.  We pulled in, I unbuckled each child, pulled the stroller out of the back, strapped the little one in and started walking in.  A kind – no, not really kind – lady yelled, “Excuse me, but the lobby is not open!”  There was not a sign. Nothing.  So I took the little one back out, undid the stroller, threw it in the back, buckled each child (actually I forgot to buckle Elias! Oops!) in their seats and decided to go across the street to Wendy’s.  The same super-easy routine of unbuckling each child, pulling the stroller out…blah, blah… We walked up and stood behind a man already ordering.  The attendant tells him, “We have no fries.”  I burst out laughing.  You have got to be kidding me!  We walked out.  I buckled each child in (don’t worry they were all safely buckled this time!), shoved the stroller in the back of the van and drove away.

A few miles down the road I saw another Wendy’s.  We stopped, and did eat this time.  Besides being out of “our” drink, and small chit chat about my three young, close-together boys, that stop seemed to be uneventful.

Next stop…Walmart.  Elias was behaving badly, so after one warning to correct his behavior, we left.  Without a purchase.  Without even a browse.

I’m steaming in my head. God’s convicting.  You all know that mental process. You’ve been there.

As we’re driving off… Metal grinding…rubbing…  What’s that sound?

I slowly creep to a six foot section of grass where I can sort of pull off the road.  Four-ways on, I jump out.

Oh.  Yep, that would do it!

Flat tire.

I burst out laughing.  Again.  But soon the laughter turns to tears. (There might have been a moment when the two were simultaneous – the boys seemed confused, understandably.) Now what?

Three boys in a van, which they have been riding in all day. A questionably sane mother.  The side of a road. And no idea how I would change the tire.  Okay God;  It’s Your turn!

I make eight calls.  The first is my husband.  Six aren’t available.  One agrees to help.  He’s on his way when…

God sends two men.  They pull over and ask if I need help.

“I said to him (referring to his partner), ‘I bet she even has a child in there.’”

“I have three, actually.”

“Oh, then you really needed some help.”

“Yes!” I agreed.

“See, there are still nice people out there!” He replied, with a comforting and reassuring tone.

The one man had some trouble with the dummy tire because it rusted to the bottom of the van but thankfully the other man grabbed a rubber mallet from their van, and he whacked it loose.

After a day like mine, I was almost expecting my house to be flattened or something. One person, commented comically on that, “You can’t have everything!” I said, “I guess I’ll keep the house then!” 😀

Seriously though, I don’t know the when’s or why’s of the events of this particular day, but they were right on time.  Many times I think of untimely events: “I don’t have time for this!”  I may not have time for it, but the truth is, God does, or He wouldn’t have allowed it.

Who knows where I would have been stranded if I would’ve spent any amount of time at the Factory.  The tire may have gone flat along side a busy highway.  At least it was a less traveled road…also, the road that these two Samaritans were traveling.  Or it could have been raining. But it wasn’t.

Rejoice in the Lord always.  Again, I say rejoice.


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