His Life Meant More

“He’s in a better place,” they always say.
Even though it’s true, the pain doesn’t go away.

A daddy is the first man a girl sees–
The first man she wants to please.

She wants to ride on his back–
Like a backpack.
She wants to hold his hand
‘Cause no other will compare in the land.

Yet one moment she’s his girl,
And the next, she’s ask a question with a diamond or a pearl.

She races off to start her new life,
To try to make her dad proud with this new role called “wife”.

But part of her heart still lies,
With the man who saw her first with his own eyes;
The one who watched her grow,
From a babe to having her own children to show.

But if there’s one thing for sure,
It was that his life meant more.

It was more than hugs and kisses
From a girl whose daddy she misses.
It was a life of giving;
‘Cause for Christ he was living.
It was not treasures in this land
But the ones to which most think bland.

See, it’s all about showing God’s grace–
And His love–to this whole race.


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