The Perfect Gift

I cannot wait to give our boys their presents on Christmas morning! To see the huge smiles on their faces as they rip open the paper and get a first peek. As parents, it gives us great pleasure to bless our children with gifts. The love and joy we experience as humans is pretty grand, but imagine how our Heavenly Father must feel to bless us with good gifts from above? The unexplainable delight as He showers us with His blessings.

Have you ever given a gift only to see the person look unaffected upon receiving it? Has someone ever told you they didn’t like your gift? How hurtful and disappointing. Maybe their gift was an afterthought, quickly found on the shelf as you exited a store, or perhaps you thought it was the perfect gift – carefully wrapped with appreciation and tied with a bow of love.

As much as we’d like to brag about our ability to give perfect gifts, there is none like the one God gave. His was the Perfect Gift. It was the greatest ever given. His might not be the latest iPhone or a smart TV. It’s not a sleek Ferrari or a mansion on a hilltop. It’s not even our deepest desire.

It’s far better.

You’re in the middle of the unforgiving ocean, surrounded by relentless waves. You panic as you thrash and flail your arms. Each breath is being choked by salty sea water. Exhaustion is claiming the fight in you. You cannot save yourself and you realize death is imminent. You take your final breath as the ocean pulls you in. Suddenly, you feel yourself being pulled upward. As your face breaks the water’s surface, there is glorious light and a calm reassuring voice. “I’m here to save you. Take my hand.”

God’s Gift was foretold for generations. A Savior would come to save the world. Yet, so many don’t allow the Savior to save their world. They snub their nose at His saving grace. As they slowly slip into their raging ocean, they tell God, “No, thanks—I’ve got this.” But there’ll be a time when there is no hand to pull you out.

This Christmas, as we excitedly give our gifts, let us not forget the Perfect Gift—the baby born in Bethlehem, Jesus Christ.

God’s Gift didn’t come in a box, but was laid in a manger. His Gift wasn’t wrapped in Santa Claus paper with a shiny red bow, but in swaddling cloths and decorated with a bright star declaring His birth. This Savior of the world wasn’t born in a palace among riches and honor, but in a quiet stable among the humble and obedient. He wasn’t visited by noblemen, but by lowly shepherds and wise men who betrayed their king. Yet, this Savior held the power to one day save the world.

Don’t let the gift of Jesus Christ be forgotten this Christmas. It is the only Perfect Gift ever given.

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