Look At That Mountain!

I stand before a mountain. It’s tall. It’s humungous. It’s impossible. “Move, mountain,” I command. But I cannot simply expect the mountain to move. And I do not hold the power to simply pick it up and move it. I must trust that the Maker of the mountain will do something great despite the incredible mountain that stands before me.

Some of us stand before the same impossible mountain for the rest of our lives. We wonder if God will ever move it. We question how God is using it for His glory. And others are asked to climb.

When a situation comes into our lives and there’s nothing we can do, we can only trust the Maker. But that’s why the mountains come—to give us no other option but fully rely on God as we stand at the base of the mountain. It gives Him great pleasure when we fully surrender.

As you prepare to fix a roof, you set a ladder on the ground. You look up. The roof looks so far away. It actually looks small. As you climb each rung, the roof becomes bigger. But it has not changed sizes, only your perspective has.

Life is like a ladder, with God at the top. When you’re at the bottom, God looks so small. Climbing uphill requires so much effort, but with each rung God gets bigger and bigger. Just as the roof has not changed sizes as you approached the top, neither has God. But as you climb further up the ladder, You see more of Him: His goodness, His faithfulness, His holiness, His love, His power. The more precious He seems. The more amazing He is. He has always been amazing, but you didn’t see it at the bottom rung. Keep climbing the ladder of life and you’ll realize just how big God is.

Don’t pray away the mountain or try to move it. Simply give Him your mountain. Expect big things from God, because He is big. Expect amazing from God, because He is amazing.

We cannot look at the mountain as an ugly obstacle, even though the limitations and frustrations are in clear view. Instead, we must choose to see the mountain as beautiful, giving us a front row seat to God’s goodness and faithfulness and love. God’s going to move in ways which are bigger than the mountain, in ways which are bigger than us and in ways we can’t even imagine. Sometimes the biggest blessings come while we wait for His plan and purpose.

Are you preoccupied with the immensity and disruptiveness of your impossible mountain? Look up, climb life’s ladder and realize God is bigger than the mountain. After all, He made the mountain. He has the power to move it or use it in your life. And so, you have the power to reject or accept this intrusive mountain.

There is no greater variance in landscape than what’s found on a mountain—where the trees grow almost sideways. There is ruggedness and rawness. And as you reach its snowy peak, your whole perspective changes. Your view encompasses all directions from the top. You can see the difficult path you’ve climbed and those around you who’ve reached the top of a similar mountain. There’s a stronger relationship and a greater appreciation for the Maker of the mountain.

It’s about balancing the reality of the impossible mountain with hope in Jesus Christ. Valid concern with the truth from God’s Word. Harmonizing our difficulties and struggles with God’s sovereignty, purpose and unchanging love. It’s not all about the mountain or how big it is; it’s about seeing who God is compared to the mountain. It’s about seeing that God is working despite the impossibilities. It’s about countering our instinct to worry with God’s care and sovereignty. It’s giving our heart’s concerns to God unfiltered and allowing Him to comfort and change us. It’s seeing that God isn’t being unfair or cruel but He’s showcasing His glory, power and love through the impossible mountains.

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