But God…

No one wants to hear the word progressive. It has the ability to immediately steal our happiness and rob our abilities and time.

It’s so hard not to let our minds run on ahead and report back to us with a very grim outlook. Our minds are very good at it. In fact, they actually love the task of conclusion. What ifs cloud our minds and taint our perspective. Facing reality is necessary but forming an assumption before the day comes is damaging. You see, reality is today, but future is always tomorrow.

Matthew 6:34
Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Don’t fret over what you might not be able to do tomorrow, but focus on what you can do today. Appreciate the time spent and the relationships you can build and the activities in which you can participate. None of us know when it will no longer be possible.

(It’s better to visualize the future when it’s in the presence of our Lord.)

“But God…do You see the troubles I’m having? Do You see what I’m struggling to do? Do You see my pain? How will I manage a household? How will I care for myself and others?”

And He answers, “But Child… You’re worrying about a future you’re not in yet. You’re running on ahead without Me. I see the future and it is still good.”

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