God is Throwing Stones at Me

There is only one path in this life. It’s the one which leads to Christ. He is our motivation. He is the purpose for our existence. But it takes little for us to get sidetracked.

We’re walking easy one day—following Christ—when all the sudden a tree falls in our path. It knocks the wind out of us. We get stuck—only seeing the difficulty before us—when we should look up. It might be difficult finding our way through the debris of the fallen tree, but God is still there. And the same path is before us.

Perhaps your fallen tree is pretty huge. The doctor predicts your death. Your boss eliminates your position. Your spouse files for divorce. Your child is rebelling. You’re grieving over a loved one. The bills keep piling up.

We cannot lose sight of Christ and His faithfulness, even when the circumstances don’t make sense.

Psalm 26:3
For Your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in Your faithfulness.

KLOVE shared a story by Pastor Francis Anfuso:
A little boy was playing with his toy sailboat on the shore of a quiet lake. When the wind pulled the sailboat away from the shoreline, he began to cry as it went farther and farther away. An older boy came upon the scene and began throwing stones at his tiny boat. The young boy cried, “Why are you throwing stones at my boat?” The older boy said, “I’m throwing stones on the far side of your boat to create some waves to bring the sailboat back to you. Trust me; I know what I’m doing.” Whenever you feel like God is throwing stones at your life, realize they are meant to draw you closer to Him, not to drive you away. He says to all of us, “Trust Me; I know what I’m doing!”

Sometimes we question if God really loves us. “But God, have You seen the big stones??” But all things are for His purpose, even if we feel like we’re continually dodging big stones.

No one wants to walk a terrifying path, but we don’t have to be afraid. The hardships are not to drive us away from our Father, but to draw us closer. They’re to remind us that He’s bigger than it all and His purpose is bigger than ours. If we lean into the very arms of Jesus, amidst the tragedy or hardship, we can find peace. Why? Because His arms is where we’re meant to be. He is our everything.

There is blessing if we simply lean on Him.

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